Stringed Instrument Repair

Our Services

What exactly can we do for you? Here is a list of our primary services.

  • The Basics Restringing, Cleanup, Buff and Polish, Tuning Peg Reconditioning
  • Setup Neck, Fret, Headnut and Bridge Adjustment, Intonation, Saddle Compensation
  • Refretting Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Partial and Full Refrets, Fretboard Leveling and Conditioning
  • Refinishing Neck, Body, Partial, Full, Color Matching, Poly, Laquer, Gloss, Matte
  • Dent, Scratch & Ding Repair Neck or Body, Fill and Level, Finish Matching
  • Breaks, Splits & Cracks Neck Breaks, Headstock Breaks, Body Cracks, Top Splits
  • Upgrades Headnut, Bridge and Saddle Replacement, Tuning Pegs, Electronics, Pickups
  • Electronics Pickups, Rewire, Active Components, Acoustic Pickup Installation, Cicuit Repair
  • Parts Pickups, Switches, Knobs, Bridges, Saddles, Headnuts, Pegs
    We either have what you need or we can get it.
  • Tube Amps General Amp Repair and Reconditioning
    We stock a range of Tubes (original and replacement) for a variety of amps.
  • Phone Consultation Have a question about your instrument? Not sure what's wrong - you just know something is not right? Send us an email or give us a call. Advice is always FREE!